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Making some progress on these tiles. Thanks for the feedback from the last round of visual design progress. #gamedev #gameart #pixelart

Working on visual design today. Critique is welcome and encouraged! 

The chain can now follow the player around.


Procedural Death Jam



Procedural Death Jam is a 7-day game jam benefiting OpenGameArt’s recent Patreon campaign. The theme is “Procedural Death Labyrinth,” a new way of describing games like FTL, Spelunky, Coin Crypt, The Binding of Isaac, etc, that’s less awkward than “Rogue-Like-LIKE” or “Rogue-LITE.” You might have seen it trending on Steam Tags. 

The jam will start on March 8, 2014 at 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time, and run until March 15, 2014 at 23:59.

Not sure I’ll be able to do this one, but it looks fun!

I definitely want to do this, those are my favorite types of games.

Via Player2

Experimenting with the visual design and ways I might create contrast between the player characters and the background. Combinations of outline, drop shadow, gradient overlay, and color correction. 

Level prototyping

Someone said that my fish people looked scary, so I fixed it.

Someone said that my fish people looked scary, so I fixed it.

A team of 3 Playable characters + one placeholder.

So I accidentally worked on this for 14 hours straight…
4 player local multiplayer with xbox 360 controllers is working. :’)

More updates soon!

Little Animation of one of the characters in the game I’m making.
I’m so happy with the smooth animation :’D

Biter from the sea.

The current workspace.

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