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So I made some animal crossing patterns based on clothes I wish I had, because that’s how I cope with not having clothes I want. Enjoy~ #acnl #animal crossing

Spent some time getting back into 3D modelling in blender and played around with importing models into unity. It looks pretty ugly in-engine with the current lighting setup, and the resolution is half of what it should be, but I’m pretty happy with it for a test. I’m really excited to get into making some low-poly pixel art now.

Anonymous said: Your last gif with the four different colored jumping guys.. Where is that from or did you just make the design yourself from your own creativity?

They’re all original, I was using them for a game prototype I was working on, and decided to make a little gif out of them :)

Thanks so much for featuring my work on radar! Much love tumblr staff<3
Shout out to all the new followers! I love you all to bits… All 8 of em 

More atolisks from the sketchbook.

Atolisk line & wash doodle.

Spent my day playing around in unity. I got 2 player movement,rotation, and sprinting working with xbox 360 controllers. finally figured out how to get perfect 360 degree input from the analog sticks and got to play around with textures and lighting a little bit. I learned a lot today. ’ v ‘


Updated visual mockup. #gamedev #pixelart #unity3d

The other team from the game prototype I&#8217;m working on.

The other team from the game prototype I’m working on.

One of the teams for the game I&#8217;m working on for class. 

One of the teams for the game I’m working on for class. 


Making some progress on these tiles. Thanks for the feedback from the last round of visual design progress. #gamedev #gameart #pixelart

Working on visual design today. Critique is welcome and encouraged! 

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